Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's been a long weekend, but not in a bad way.

Friday, Bicycle's roommate headed out, as I've said. Much like a romantic breakup, Bicycle has to adjust to the new thought and habit patterns; this evening for example, as we were biking back from a friend's, there was a lovely big moon on the horizon, and he said that for an instance the thought crossed his mind to tell roommate about it when we got home, before realizing that roommate would not be there.

Yesterday -- what did we even do yesterday? I don't quite remember. Watch more of the Olympics. In the evening we went out to Tanglewood to take in a concert. An all-Russian program. Clear sky, but it got a little cold.

Oh, now I remember. We went grocery shopping and picked our CSA farm share. The important thing we did yesterday was to draw up the rules that will govern our joint household. It included such things as a delineation and rotation of chores, the 24 hour dish rule (that is, not having a dishwasher, that all dirty dishes must be cleaned by the person who used them within 24 hours), and the last cookie rule. The last cookie rule states Fish (me) gets the last cookie, or last of any similarly delicious item, because, as Bicycle eats so much more than Fish, he will likely have had his share by the time we are down to the last cookie, and Fish hates to think about having a cookie all day and them come home to find them all gone. All in all, our grand plan took up just about one side of a sheet of loose leaf, brevity being the soul of wit.

Perhaps tomorrow or some other soon time, I will go into more detail about our rules and planning.

Today we woke up plate, having gotten back late from Tanglewood, which is a bit over an hour away from here. Mostly we sat around, Bicycle did some math homework, I finished reading a biography of Alice B. Toklas (not to be confused with The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas). We baked a pound cake, and took it to a potluck. The potluck was at Chris's, where we will shortly be moving. I'm starting to get ideas about exactly where to put things. It's a little hard, as I haven't seen most of my possessions in nearly three months. I am very excited about the (mostly, the sink is tiny) well appointed kitchen and the floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves at the end of the hall. Also, free laundry.

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