Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Statement of Purpose

Unexpectedly, it seems that my partner (we shall call him Bicycle) and I (Fish) will very shortly be sharing an apartment.

We had not planned this at all. But, due to the fickleness of several other people, Bicycle needs a roommate, and this is the path of least crazy-making at the moment.

We've been together for two years, and have quite a functional relationship. It is an open relationship, though, to be honest, for most of the last two years, it has been just the two of us. It just worked out that way, mostly because he's not so good with the ladies, and I am getting picky as I get older. Ok, he's picky too; we both enjoy that luxury.

Last year we lived around the block from each other, me in a little 1 bedroom apartment, he sharing a large house with four other people. It worked out nicely. In any case, we had originally said that if we made it to thirty and were still together, we'd consider living together. Then, more recently, we decided that if he went somewhere interesting for grad school next year, I'd go along for the adventure.

This year's plan was for me to take over a (less expensive) apartment from a couple of friends, again by myself, and for Bicycle to go live with our friend Chris, in Chris's lovely 2 bedroom apartment. We wouldn't be in the same town, but I was excited to be living cheek to jowl with a really happening town center (and my alma mater, where I use the gym and library), and Bicycle was excited to be living with Chris, in Chris's rather nice apartment.

And then Chris decided he was transferring to a college in Maine.


This was in mid-May, so Bicycle figured it wouldn't be to hard to find a sane roommate, living in a college town like we do. But, here we are, three months later. Bicycle had a couple people express interest but then change their minds over the course of the summer. (I spent the summer imposing on my parents for various reasons, which -- had it's ups and downs. Maybe more on that later.)

And now we come to the purpose.

Bicycle and I really weren't intending to live together this soon. We both have reservations, mostly based on feminist principles of household gender relations. Aside from the regular pitfalls of setting up a joint household wherein one member if female and the other male, I, the female member, work at home and am a part(ish) time MLS student; Bicycle, the male member, is a very busy science-double-major-plus-honors-work student finishing up his last semester of undergrad. Therefore, I am home most of the time, and he is out most of the time. I will not become a housewife.

And so, this is what this blog is for -- I will chronicle and work out our sudden attempt at maintaining our thus far equitable and feminist partnership as we move to sharing a living space.

So, this blog will be about the practice of feminism, gender relations, housekeeping, cooking, male privilege, education, libraries, and other related topics.

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