Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am le tired.

After several days of moving, I finally got my computer set up this afternoon, so here I am.

Bicycle and I started moving bright and early on Saturday. Just our luck, it rained for the first time in days and days of Friday night, so Saturday morning was quite humid. It seems like it is never nice out when I have to move. Ever. The whole thing wouldn't have been too bad, even with the morning's humidity, if we hadn't been moving from one second floor apartment to another. And the one we moved into had 25 steps -- 11 onto the porch, and then 14 very steep ones up to the second floor. There was only about a mile's drive from one place to the other, so things went quickly, but that also meant there wasn't much of a break between trundling stuff around.

We have a lovely claw foot tub in the (rather large) bathroom, so there was much soaking of weary bones at the end of the day. Actually, baths were all we could do until yesterday afternoon, as we hadn't yet procured shower curtains. (When we finally did, we got polyester ones, rather than PVC, so that we can stick them in the washing machine. Despite being made of cloth, they are working well, also, they are more attractive than regular plastic shower liners; though they cost more, I recommend them.) Not having moved the beds yet, we had to sleep on an air mattress. Whatever.

On Sunday there was more moving. My parents, and more importantly, perhaps, their minivan came to help us and bring me some stuff I'd stored at their house this summer. They didn't show up till about 2, but we got nearly everything at least into the apartment by the end of the day. The minivan totally kicked the butt of my station wagon, and we were able to get large furniture here without much hassle, and getting all my stuff out of storage took only a couple trips, rather than all week. They stayed over and left around one yesterday (that is, Monday). Most importantly, we discovered that Bicycle's kitchen table does come apart, so the specter of trying to get the 29.5 inch tall (and very heavy) table through the 29 inch doorway to the stairs never came to pass.

After my parents headed home yesterday, we spent the rest of the day unpacking, of at least starting to do so. We really concentrated on the kitchen, as it is kind of the focal point of the apartment, and was utterly unusable as it stood. I also got all my clothing squared away in closet and dresser, and Bicycle made great headway in his room.

Bicycle started classes today, so he was out from 8:30 this morning till about 5:30 this evening. Then at 6:30 he took off back to campus for a meeting. I mostly just puttered around all day, with more of the putting stuff away. Mostly I concentrated on our (my) extensive library. Cause, honestly, nothing else could really get done with boxes and boxes of books clogging up the hall. It was also my turn to make dinner (please see the post on our rules). There was a leek from our farm share that really needed eating, and some potatoes that had been sitting around for a while, so I consulted Fannie Farmer, Joy (of which we have two editions), and a couple others to get a feel for it and then made potato leek soup. Also a salad from the other farm share stuff, and some iced tea. Also started some pickles; the farm had a cucumber explosion this week.

While being home and making things tidy and delicious is good for a couple days, I'd go stir crazy pretty fast. I didn't talk to or see anyone all day, and my feet hurt from all the standing. Luckily, my classes start Thursday night (though they are only Thursday night and all day Saturday). And I'll start up with working again soon. And there are some errands that need to happen in the next couple days that'll get me out of the house -- changing voter registration at town hall, which is down the street, going to the bank and post office, the hardware store for screws to attach knobs to my dresser.

Here's something funny. We haven't been able to locate our mailbox. And we haven't run across the landlords since we realized that, so we haven't asked where it is yet. Whenever we find it, there's going to be a lot of mail. Which is exciting.

Bicycle has been pretty good so far about doing the mental housework, and the real housework. Also, being receptive when I point things out that he's neglected. And we managed all the moving without getting snippy with each other. We're generally good about. We've got the self awareness to realize that when we are stressed and tired and grumpy, that we are not actually angry with the other person -- we're stressed and tired and grumpy. Maybe we'll say a couple angry sentences, but then catch ourselves and stop and apologize.

Pictures of the new place soon, I promise. Just as soon as things get presentable around here, and I get some batteries in my camera.

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