Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's gotten a bit cold. It was about 36* out when we woke up this morning. Made it hard to get out of bed. There was a bit of role reversal, with Bicycle getting out of bed before I did and turning on the shower to entice me to get up. Usually it's the other way around. Actually, there was a day or two this week when, if I hadn't prodded him a bit, he'd have slept in and been late for class.

In very good news, our (wireless) internet, which has been not so good recently, has been excellent all day. I hope this is a permanent condition, so that we may actually, you know, use it.

Ok, wow, I spoke too soon. It just, just went out. WTF, mate?

In other news, we went to a seasonal party at a friend's house last night. Couldn't stay very late, with the getting up early this morning. But Bicycle kissed a girl! Ha, we are quite the adults here, aren't we?

It was very cute, with them being all super awkward. He's so awkward. And without a strident lady like me on the other side, the whole thing was just full of awkward. Well, strident lady me was there at least to push things along, a la, "Would you two just make out already??" Ha!

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