Monday, September 8, 2008


Long weekend. I was in class all day Saturday. Sunday was collectively devoted to household tasks. We cleaned the place; did laundry; baked about 45 English muffins; cleaned the kitchen again, as the muffins made a mess; made and ate a tasty dinner; and went for a bike ride. All went well.

By the late evening, though, I was a bit grouchy. Maybe cause I spend too much time in the house. Anyhow, Bicycle and I had a conversation essentially about how we fell things have been going so far. I do feel like I've been doing most of the house related things, partially because I'm here and not terribly busy. I also seem to plan and then carry out plans faster.

Another problem is that most of the stuff in the apartment is mine. So I fell like I have more agency to do stuff with it than he does. Nearly all the books, furniture, and kitchen things are mine. While that does confer upon me some more responsibility (maybe, particularly in regards to the books), things like kitchen things and living room furniture are going to be used by Bicycle as much as by me, despite original ownership.

It's not necessarily the big things; we were pretty good about that. The devil is in the details. I've been the one washing jars and containers and filling them with bulk foodstuffs, for example.

What it came down to, was me requesting that Bicycle purposefully take initiative more often. That the ideas he may have in his head become words or actions quicker. He said that sometimes he thinks of things, but then doesn't say or do them, or forgets them, and then I come up with the same idea, and get it said or done. So he may be doing nearly as much mental work as I am, but it doesn't translate into other work.

Also, and this has been ongoing, boy needs to get organized.

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