Saturday, October 4, 2008

o hai

Yeah, yeah, I've been a bad blogger. Classes, domestic life, whatever.

Bicycle had a date this afternoon. He's on his way home now, and I can't wait to hear all about it. It's the first date he's had with someone other than me in a very long time. This, by the way, is all my fault. We were at a party a couple weeks ago, and a friend had another young lady with her (who I hadn't met before), and friend says to the young lady, who was a bit down in the dumps, "You should make out with someone." All I heard was that someone should make out with someone, and I volunteered Bicycle for the position. They seemed to get along well enough for knowing each other for like half an hour, so they had a little coffee date this afternoon.

In other news, we had one of those serious state of the household conversations the other night, and Bicycle really stuck his foot in his mouth, re: minimizing my experiences with a past emotionally abusive partner and how it's informed my response to men as a whole. Luckily, his not a complete moron, and realized what he'd said fairly quickly. But, ouch.

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