Monday, December 29, 2008


I take it back, Bicycle is not quite done with his school work. There was much running around, the school had a snow day on the last day of the semester, and then -- he had reformatted the paper wrong and they wouldn't take it as it was. He'll be handing it in when he gets back from Christmas vacation.

We go our own ways for Christmas. I want to spend it with my family, he wants to spend it with his, and so we do. I go to his for Thanksgiving, and he comes to mine for Easter. It all works out.

What doesn't work out is that I have to sleep in the basement when I visit my family. Nana moved in when I moved out -- I was conveniently not coming back after college at the exact moment it was decided that Nana could no longer live by herself. My sister moved into my old room in the attic, a new room was built in the attic for my brother, and Nana got a two-room suite on the ground floor made from my siblings' old rooms. So, I sleep in the basement. When Nana is not home I could sleep in her room, but, to be honest, it smells like old lady -- really strong, old fashioned perfume and powder, not bad per se, but, I don't know, cloying, and it permeates everything in her room. So, I get the basement, on a saggy old twin bed that gives me a sore back if I sleep on it for more than a night or two. And it's COLD down there.

But enough of that.

Bicycle left last Monday (a week ago), and then I took off on Tuesday. I just got back last night, because I had to work this morning. He won't be back for nearly another week -- the third or fourth, he said. So I'll be all by my self till then. Bah. I took some leftovers from my parents', so at least I won't have to cook for a few days.

Another of my friends got engaged. Like the other, the wedding is summer 2010. This one is going to be in England, and I don't know if I'm invited or anything. We were fairly good friends at the first college I attended, and have kept in pretty good touch via internet since. She's in Japan right now.

The other anticipated nuptual is for one of my bestest friends from high school. I'm in that wedding.

I went to the Crazy Ladies (that's my mom and a bunch of her friends, who are friends because they all have kids around the same age) Christmas Eve Brunch briefly. Of course I am asked about the boyfriend (trying to get other people to call him a partner didn't stick). He just finished undergrad, applying to grad school, science, blah, blah, blah. And Mrs. P. asked something about wedding bells, to which I could only guffaw.

Despite the stable and somewhat long-term nature of our Not from lack of suitability. I do not mean to be married to Bicycle, because I do not mean to be married to anyone. For now, though, I can demure the point. I figure as I get older, and if our relationship goes on much longer, it will get harder. More of my friends and contemporaries are getting hitched (and then have kids, Maude forbid). I, to be plain about it, don't want to. I may even want a stable, long term, possibly cohabitating relationship. But, marriage -- perish the thought. I would die before having a big wedding, and the thought of even eloping or popping over to see the JP nearly gives me hives. And I want a dog far more than I want a kid.

Here's to bucking convention, I guess. If only everyone wasn't so shocked when I say so.

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