Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Alright, I've been a bad blogger again.

So, we spent Thanksgiving with Bicycle's family, like we have the past two years. Blah, blah, blah, I did nearly all of the cooking for the things we contributed.

Yes, it's true that Bicycle is finishing up his last semester of undergrad, and knocking out in a semester an honors project that would have been a better idea if he'd had a whole year to do it in. He's busy, I know. It's not like I'm not in school too, you know. AND I have a part time job, as well as another extremely part time job. I feel like I'm doing everything around here. More cooking, definitely, and waaaay more mental housework. Ok, it's true that I've not yet cleaned the bathroom -- it's my turn -- but I blame the new work schedule on that. Bicycle has broken the 24-hour dish rule every day in the last week or two. Our cooking schedule has completely gone out the window lately. As a former housemate of his would say, "Guuh."

I know remembering to do things and thinking ahead is not his strong suit, and he knows is not, but sometimes I feel like I can't depend on him. Things get forgotten to easily. *sigh*


In any case, we are taking the GREs next week. It'll be a relief to get that done. Besides that, I pnly need those profs I've asked to actually write their recommendations, and my applications will be done. Bicycle, not so much.

We are also so broke. Well, ok, it's not as bad as we thought it was going to be. I told my mother that all I wanted for Christmas was January's rent, to which she agreed, so that's covered. I have aobut $600 in savings bonds that have been sitting around since I was born; I'm going to finally cash them in when I visit the family (cause that's where they are) for Christmas. So that'll be Bicycle's January rent, cause he won't have the money, plus a little extra. I've got about a $100 coming from my extremely part time job. Bicycle's got about $200. I've got about $200 on hand.

The good new is, then, that we are covered for January. Just last week, I got a part time job -- other goodish news. About ten hours a week, for the Massachusetts minimum wage, which, thankfully is $8/hr. So that's a bit of income. My extremely part time job will have some more work for me eventually/soon, when the boss beats ebay into submission (or remembers his secret password hints and all that, whichever). And then, I will be getting student loans for the spring. The excess is about $1600. I hope to get that before February's rent is due.

And Bicycle needs to get a job. Poor guy, graduating from college straight into the worst economy in the last 70 years. And he'll have to start paying off some of his massive student loans sooner or later. Some of them won't be an issue, cause he'll (hopefully) be in grad school before the grace period is over, but some he'll likely have to start paying.

In any case, it's going to be an interesting few months. I'm really done with being broke. I can vaguely recall about six months, two years ago, when I wasn't. That sure was fun.

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