Monday, February 23, 2009

On and on and on

I've been a bad blogger again. But -- nothing is really happening, or, at least, things are happening really slowly.

Bicycle is still unemployed, except for last weekend when he did a day's work for my boss, as I was busy. It's too early to start planning our move to Nashville. I am taking three classes this semester, one with a hundred plus mile commute to Boston, one with an internship attached, and one that is the most work-intensive course in the whole program, and thus am slowly losing my mind. I still work a few hours a week. Bicycle's cleanliness around the house is still just a bit below mine, and I still feel like I run the household. So, all in all things are just floating along.

My car broke down a little last week, that was a little exciting, especially as it was during rush-hour traffic outside Boston and 100 miles from home. But the repair was only $100, so that was ok. I didn't have it for a week, which, particularly as I had to make one very long, cold, early morning bike ride to work, was not so ok.

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