Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where are we going?

Bicycle didn't get into grad school at UC Davis. According to the prof he's been in contact with over there, who seems to have really wanted Bicycle to come work with him, this year the department only took a small fraction of the grad students they usually do. So, score one for the blighted economy and California's inability to manage its budget.

I doubt I'll get accepted either, and it's really a moot point anyhow.

Which leaves Vanderbilt. Bicycle had an interview with some profs there the other day via Skype, and yesterday he had another Skype chat with some current grad students. That's encouraging, right? The positive aspects of moving to Nashville include the low cost of living, the high stipend Bicycle would recieve, the warmer climate, and that due to relative proximity moving there would be easier, as would visiting family and friends in the Northeast. Now, hopefully, if Bicycle does get in, that I do too, or that I can snag one of the two (well compensated) library positions currently open at Vanderbilt, or find others at the several colleges and universities in the city.

If we don't go to Nashville, we'll be looking for jobs in the Boston and NYC/Long Island areas. I'm pushing for NY, as that's where I'm from and it would be nice to be in a familiar place and see my family and friends on a regular basis.

It is a little sad, though, that California is now out of the picture. I was looking forward to the posiblitity of living somewhere more temperate for a few years.

In other news, Bicycle still doesn't have a job. Today, being Thursday, I have to go to Boston for a class. This semester is going to kill me. Did I mention that? I'm taking three classes this semester -- the regular two on Saturdays out here, and then one on Thursday afternoons in Boston. Which is a good hundred miles away. And one of my Saturday classes has an intership requirement. And the other is the most work intensive course in the program.

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