Sunday, March 15, 2009

News & Notes

Bicycle got hired to sub at the jr/sr high school up the road. Let's see how often they call him in though. He also still is working the mall job, and says it isn't too bad. And he got payed the other day! So now he can go back to contributing to the household finances. Still owes me more than $1,100, though.

He also got an extra $10,000 fellowship at Vanderbilt. Making his total income for next school year $36,400. I can hardly fathom that much money.

I still am slogging along with library school. Semester is about half over. I start my job search this Thursday.

I spent most of last week at my parents', on my spring break which actually ended up as me house sitting for them while they were in Mexico. I also did the doctor appointment tour, and am in great health. But now I am looking for a orthopedist/joint person/sports physician in up here so I can finally striahgten the injuries out as best I can. And my PCP told me (a) not to excersize, and (b) not to use any soap at all on my face. Consequently, I feel gross.

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