Saturday, March 28, 2009

On and on and on

Bicycle is away at his first race of the season this morning. He decided out of the blue to go only on Thursday. He's still up in the air about doing Batenkill in a few weeks. I wish he'd make up his mind, so I can tell Grandma, who lives right by there, whether or not to expect him.

In Nashville news, the prof Bicycle will be working with has been trying to get him to come down earlier this summer to get started. I'm not against the idea in principle -- in fact, I think it's awesome that Bicycle is being fawned over so much -- but I don't think it'll work out in practice. Because there's this little matter of money, namely that Bicycle doesn't have much, and unless he can get some ahead of schedule, he'll have a hard time flying down to Nashville and finding somewhere to live. And then there's the issue of moving; I am not packing up our apartment and getting everything ready to move by myself. No way, no how. And from a selfish, leisurely point of view, the current plan is for us to have a few weeks off relaxation here in Massachusetts before we take off for Nashville, and I don't want to give that up. On the other hand, if somehow Bicycle could swing a cheap place to stay for a couple months and some kind of income, it would mean that he could apartment hunt for us, rather than having to do it all sight unseen. (Not to mention that I have a feeling I'll be doing most of the work, if we're doing it all from here.)

In Fish news, I've got a few complaints. Since Bicycle started working, he's been using my car a lot, because it's a really long bus or bike ride, and sometimes he works till 9 pm. And this is fine by itself. I'm down with sharing the car. As soon as he's got some money, he's going on my insurance, in fact. But right now I feel like I'm eating a lot of the cost of his driving. He puts gas in my car, but I usually have to remind him to. And I'm paying the cost of joint trips still. Blargh. Also, I'm still running the household mostly. Which sucks, because I'm really busy with two jobs, school, internship, having to go to Boston every week, etc. Last semester, when Bicycle was really, really busy, and I was much less busy, I tried really hard to be supportive and pick up the slack and all that. And now I'm really, rally busy, and Bicycle has a less than full time job, rides his bike, and occasionally goes into the lab, but the tables haven't turned. And yes, I've made it explicit that I could use a little help.

And I feel like I'm mothering a child when I do things like point out that if one makes a sandwich on the counter, it wil invariably leave crumbs. But if I don't either I have to clean up after him or there are crumbs all over the counter for days. Neither of which is really acceptable. I'm always resolving to myself to just stop doing all the little stuff I do to keep things running smoothly. But then I fail at it because I like it when things are running smoothly, clean, and so on.

Some of this comes down to his inability to hold two thoughts in his head at the same time. Planning ahead and remembering things go right out the window. Really, the man has a constitutional inability to plan ahead. Even with simple things, like starting dinner before he's completely ravenous. Or buying another gallon of milk when there's still a little bit left in the last one.

Ok, and this is going to be a big whiny thing, he spend so much damn time on his computer. It's making me nuts. Like, take an hour or two every once in a while, turn the damn thign off, and do something productive. Seriously. It's all he does at home. Read a book; make some cookies; practice guitar; go to bed a little earlier; spend more time at the lab. Just do something else!

Ok, done now.

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