Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I spent the Easter holiday in New York with some extended family. I really think that, given the choice, I would move back to NY in a heartbeat. Easier to get a job, near family and friends, and so on.

But that's not what I'm groaning about.

I'm groaning because Bicycle's job just moved him rather far away. Surprise! Instead of the location he's been working at, which is sorta near our house (about 10 miles), near enough for him to take an easy bus or for me to pick him up late, he's going to way, way down the road at Nearest Medium-Sized City. Which is not an easy bus or bike ride away, nor close enough for me to conveniently go get him when I've got the car.


Ok, he can take my car any day but Thursday, really. That doesn't mean I'll like it. I find it foolish to spend as much time round-trip on the bus as I would at work on Tuesdays, especially when I could drive it in less than a third of the time, and right now, as the end of the semester comes rushing at me, my time is at a premium (right now I am coding EAD, for example). Nor does the bus schedule line up well for my Sunday morning shift -- I have to wait about an hour to get a bus home , because they run very infrequently on Sundays. It also means that Bicycle would have to wake up early on weekends to ferry me to work and school, when the buses don't run in the mornings.

Blargh. I hope he magically finds another job really quick. Or something.

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