Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moving along

We had Bicycle's and his brother's college graduation of Saturday. After traipsing around campus for hours and hours and sitting in the (very uncomfortable) football stadium for some more, we had his family and a couple friends over for a barbecue. Though it was a long day, the barbecue went off well. Unfortunately we hardly had any leftovers, whereas we were hoping to have lots. Several other of our friends also graduated, so even if we were staying in the area next year, it would be a different social scene.

In really great news, Bicycle has only a couple more days at his awful job! He was going to work another 2.5 weeks, but this morning the owner of one of the bike shops in town called him up looking for some temporary help. He's starting there tomorrow afternoon, working for a couple weeks, and then maybe occasionally till he leaves. This makes everything so much better. It's closer, has better hours, is a more pleasant job, everything.

Speaking of leaving, Bicycle bought a plane ticket for July 5th. (Or was it the 6th? Anyway, one of those two.) Now he's trying to find somewhere to stay in Nashville for a month and a half. A couple possibilities, but nothing that lines up quite right yet.

Also, Bicycle had his identity minorly stolen. Some illicit charges on his debit card. Now he's got to make a lot of phone calls and straighten things out, but his bank is being pretty helpful.

All in all, Bicycle's life -- kinda exciting. Mine, not so much. I start summer classes in a couple weeks (speaking of which, I need to buy some books...) , went to my parent's last week, but that's about it. Oh, my car hasn't been doing so well. My mechanic fucked it up, but that's more or less fixed now. But now it's leaking oil, a lot. So it has to go back to the shop soon. I'm letting.making Bicycle handle it, as he's been using it a lot more than I have lately. Luckily, we found what seems to be a good mechanic, just down the street.

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WitchWords said...

Heya. We haven't spoken before, but I've been following your blog for awhile. I live in the Nashville area - Murfreesboro, specifically - and while I'm moving next week, my boyfriend and many friends will still be here. What exactly is Bicycle looking for in terms of somewhere to stay? I can see if anyone on my local network has space, depending on requirements. Email me at Nikaia (dot) Jadelyn (at)