Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Bicycle says the property management folks called him, and we got the apartment in Nashville. That's a huge mental load off. Especially as Bicycle will be there in less than two weeks.

I was supposed to have an at-home-pseudo-date tonight. Hmm, I'm really going to need a blog nick name for this other fellow. (Not that anyone reads the blog, so maybe it doesn't matter.) Something will come to me, I suppose.

As I said, I was supposed to. Fellow was going to come over this evening, and I, he, and Bicycle were going to have dinner, and then have a discussion about expectations, boundaries, and all that other good stuff (and I may be a chatty-Kathy communicator, but this fellow takes the cake when it comes to deliberate communication). And then there was maybe going to be some play time, depending on how we felt. There was most likely going to be some play time.

But, alas, alack. The fellow called me while I was on my way home from school today -- a scant hour and a half before he was to come over -- and he said that he'd had a walnut.allergy problem, and his partner was under the weather, so how about tomorrow?

Le sigh.

So, tomorrow. Bicycle will be out most of the day at the velodrome unless the weather is bad, so the format will be different too. Fellow will be picking my up from school -- as Bicycle will have my car, I was going to bike home -- and then I guess we'll have some dinner and process away at things at the same time. Maybe by the time dinner is done we'll be up for some play? Cause he's got to run and do something else later in the evening.

Anyway, tomorrow.


WitchWords said...

Good luck getting it all sorted, and enjoy the evening! It's good you're getting the boundaries/expectations/etc talk out of the way early, though...I'm dealing with the fallout of some poorly-communicated and flat out not-communicated boundaries in one of my relationships, about 6 months AFTER things began. Argh. These talks can be difficult and awkward and sometimes painful, when expectations don't match up...but better sooner than later.

Fish said...

Thanks, WW. It helps that we've been friends for a few years already, so we each know what the other is like. And good luck getting your own noncommunications sorted out.