Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ok, we think we've found an apartment. It's more or less what we want -- dish washer, washer & drier, first floor, near schools, recently redone, could be a little bigger, but pictures look nice. I mail them our applications today, now here's hoping we're accepted.

We decided, or rather, Bicycle suggested and I accepted, that instead of him trying to find a sublet from July 6 to August 15 (which is nigh impossible) and then our lease starting August 15 when I and our stuff got there, that he'd look for a lease starting July 1, and just live in a big empty apartment by himself till and and our stuff got their.

This was contingent on me not paying rent for it till I was actually living in the place, and Bicycle conceded.

In bike news, I'm trying (finally!) to sell my two bikes and buy one that will suit all my needs and is much newer besides. A friend has said he'll buy one, and he was going to pay me this weekend, except Large Local University where he is working this summer screwed up payroll and he won't be getting paid for another pay cycle, so I won't be paid till then either. Would not be a problem if I didn't need that money to pay for new bike, which is languishing in the shop. Thankfully, this is the shop Bicycle is working at, so the proprietor cut me a break about holding it for me, since he knows I'm not going to flake out and change my mind. I do feel kind of bad about it sitting there so long; I was hoping to have gotten it by now. Would have too, if Bicycle hadn't decided last weekend that we needed an apartment in Nashville NOW!

Anyway, I started summer classes this week. That means I spent all of the last three days, all day loooong, in the classroom. At least it's a nice room and the subject matter is interesting. Being aclimate controlled rare book room though, it's been cold.

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