Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Fellow (I guess that's what we're calling him) came over yesterday evening. He picked me up from class, as Bicycle had my car for the day. On the way home, we dispensed with most of the discussion. He is so earnest. It's nearly comical. But it's good, I suppose, being able to frankly talk about what we want from each other and this adventure, what is off limits, what we like, et cetera. He just gets so serious at moments.

Ok, can we take a break from the serious stuff for just a second, because I need to express how beautiful he is. The haircut and cleanshaveness have made him so lovely. The shoulders! Oh, he has shoulders! And eyes! And soft lips! Ah!


The end of the story is that all went well, and our three years of pining for each other have come to fruition. We spent a great lot of the time giggling because it was so good and fun to be hanging out with no clothes on and touching each other.

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