Sunday, June 28, 2009

For us, it's dishes.

According to a friend's father, who, being an old hat at such things, would know, group living breaks down because of troubles with one of three things -- sex, money, or dishes.

For us, it's dishes. Household cleanliness and organization in general, rather.

What I mean to say is that we had the same old discussion/argument last night. I hit a steaming point with Bicycle's lax housekeeping tendencies (cheese left out on the counter one night and then butter the very next certainly didn't help), I express my frustration, Bicycle lashes back about how he's trying/can't really control his mindless messy tendencies, we hash it out, hurt some feelings, and neither of us can comprehend how the other's brain works.

On the up side, he's usually more mindful of cleaning up after himself for a little while afterward.

It's true that we've made some actually progress. I am a bit less exacting in my housekeeping standards -- we aren't currently cleaning the whole place top to bottom. And Bicycle, even though there isn't much in way of results, tries to adopt systems and methods that help him keep things straight. But, since he can't keep more than one thought in his head at the same time, of hold on to any one thought for that long, the results are less than spectacular, and the systems don't usually last very long.

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