Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to the story. [Apologies for the long delay.]

Ok, where was I? My affair with the Fellow had just started, Bicycle was getting ready to go off to Nashville, and Bicycle's old roommate was in town.

Roommate, as I think I called him earlier, had just broken up with his twue wuv, whom he had been partnered with for three years, and with whom he had spent the last year living. In Arizona. Where he went with her when she started grad school. (Ok, I know I did the same thing, but trust me on this one, Bicycle and I are much more well matched thatn Roommate and his Twue Wuv were. For example, as far as I know, none of our friends are wondering when we'll get around to breaking up.) Anyway, Roommate was a sad puppy, and not really sure what to do with himself, and needed a vacation.

So he came and took a little vacation with us. It rained all week. Lots of cuddles were had, and we made and ate some tasty foods.

Now, ok, Roommate hadn't spent much time with us in the past year, and hadn't seen any of the wild bunch I ran with in Massachusetts since he'd moved away at all. (Ok, we're not that wild, but we're...different. Our rules are different.) I guess he forgot? just what we were like. I mean, here's a guy that a former partner and I took home the very first night we met him, and it surprises him that I sleep naked in my own house? He and Bicycle came to tuck me in the first night he was with us, and Roommate was visibly surprised to see me naked from the waist up, in my own bed. Surprised like his eyes got wide and he paused mid-step.

But at least he realized what was going on in his head. The next day the three of us had a heart-to-heart, and Roommate decided he needed to loosen up.

Unfortunately, our (my) part in helping him start that process was not as fun as it might have been. He was such a needy puppy, it was irritating in short order. I was slightly, and it pains me to say it, relieved to get back to my regular routine once the visit was over, even though it also meant that Bicycle was heading out for Nashville and I had the place to myself.

At this late date, when I am finishing this post, begun two months ago at this point, the Roommate has finally gotten his act together. After the break up with his twue wuv, the visit to us, many phone calls, and some number of intervening months, he's actually made a romantic/sexual choice I approve of. With the use of OKCupid, which I think is a great tool, Roommate met a woman who sounds pretty great, and is currently having a good solid fling.

Now, I will go back and read my entries, figure out what story, exactly, I was protractedly telling, perhaps finish that, and maybe get on with the story of my current life.

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