Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Summer story, continued.

After Roommate finished his visit and Bicycle departed for the summer, and the Fellow and I had our first tryst, my days took on a lazy routine. This leaves us around early July.

I went to class when I had class. Read a lot of books. Thought about the impending move. Rode the bus here and there. Didn't spend much time outside, as it rained just about all summer, but would take my book and blanket out on the back lawn when it was dry enough.

My affair went on, though slowly. The allergic reaction that postponed out first date set the tone. We scheduled time together every Thursday evening, but it was one thing or another just about ever week, though most weeks we did at least get together. General exhaustion, being short on time, the dinner took to long to cook, my uterus...

Early on, the Fellow said that his partner was not comfortable with us having PiV sex without me taking birth control. Which was his prerogative. I had stopped taking it for a bit to see what might happen with some chronic headaches I'd been dealing with. Lucky for me (I guess), I still had a whole bunch in the fridge, and was able to start up again the very next day.

Long story short, we had lots of cuddles and smooching and touching, but the only sex was that first time and then the very last week we carried on the affair before Bicycle came back up and we moved. It's like one great big joke -- the most ineffective affair ever.

Also going on concurrently, I finished my master's degree two weeks before we left. Got and A- and an A- for the summer term. Not bad, considering how much else was on my plate.

The rest of the story -- perhaps tomorrow. Or a month from now. We'll see.

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